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Strategies of the Quality Assurance Cell of APSCHE

  • A state level organizational system will be developed for quality assurance involving the Quality Assurance Cell of APSCHE and the IQAC Coordinators/Directors of Universities and Colleges. The following are the strategies to achieve the objectives of QAC of APSCHE:
  • Identification of 10 faculty members drawn from colleges and Universities from each district who have the ability and interest in quality.
  • Training the identified faculty members (10 x 13 districts = 130) on quality assessment and designating them as Quality Assessors.
  • The quality assessors will be accessible to the colleges in the district for extending all kinds of support in getting ready for quality assessment process.
  • The quality assessors will also be given training on ISO Certification.
  • The list of recognized quality assessors will be placed on the website of APSCHE and will be made as part of the organization system to ensure quality.
  • The colleges will be classified into A, B, and C categories. The colleges having all necessary qualities to go for accreditation with moderate support will be placed under Category-A. The target is to encourage them to go for accreditation within one year. The colleges who have the potential to get accredited but require special focus and support will be placed under Category-B. The colleges under category-B will be given a time frame of two years to get ready for NAAC accreditation. All other colleges will be placed under Category-C and they will be given 3-4 years time to get ready for NAAC accreditation.
  • The Universities and Colleges who are accredited by NAAC already will be provided the required support to upgrade the NAAC grading.
  • Similar processes will be undertaken for NBA accreditation, NIRF, QS, and Times International rankings.
  • The performance of Universities and Colleges with respect of the criteria of assessment will be reviewed periodically by the team of experts at QAC of APSCHE to identify the gaps and to suggest measures.
  • The IQAC Coordinators/Directors of Universities and Colleges will be trained on quality parameters periodically.
  • The QAC will organize awareness and motivational campaign on quality enhancement, assurance, and accreditation throughout the state.
  • The QAC will conduct meetings with A, B, and C category colleges for exchanging views on various quality parameters and to workout strategies for improvement.
  • The best practices of various institutions in India and abroad will be collected and disseminated to all Universities and Colleges.
  • The QAC will suggest policy measures to promote quality in higher education institutions.

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