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APSCHE Publications:

1.04-08-2022Assesment and Accredation by NAAC - The ProcessClick Here
2.29-07-2022Education 4.0 A Road Map for a New ERA of Higher EducationClick Here
3.29-07-2022Curricular AspectsClick Here
4.29-07-2022Teaching - Learning and EvaluationClick Here
5.29-07-2022Reasearch, Innovation and ExtensionClick Here
6.29-07-2022Infrastructure and Learning ResourcesClick Here
7.29-07-2022Student Support and ProgressionClick Here
8.29-07-2022Governance, Leadership and ManagementClick Here
9.29-07-2022Institutional Values and Best PracticeClick Here
10.29-07-2022APSCHE Manual for Quality Enhancement and NAAC Accredition V2.0 (Affiliated Colleges)Click Here
11.17-06-2022A New Dawn in Higher Education of Andhra PradeshClick Here
12.17-06-2022German - AP Forum on Higher EducationClick Here